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Adult Mental Health Rochester, Minnesota

Adult Mental Health Services Rochester, MN

At Restorations Neurofeedback & Wellness we use neurofeedback to help adult mental health in Rochester, Minnesota. Taking care to have proper mental health is an important aspect of maintaining a well balanced lifestyle. By using Neurofeedback we can train your brain into a more calm and centered state of mind by reinforcing positive brain activity. These sessions can help ease symptoms of anxiety, depression and many other physical or emotional  challenges in an adults mental health.

What To Expect

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a safe, effective and lasting training that can help you to find your center and focus on what is important in your life. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback, in which sensors monitor the brain’s electrical activity and provide information back in real time. This effortless process helps the mind create more flexible, resilient and balanced energy – resulting in symptoms falling aside on their own, no matter the diagnosis and can be a vital component of healing.

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Symptoms We Help With

Anxiety Rochester, Minnesota


Let us help find a new sense of calm.

Addictions Rochester, Minnesota


Let us help with issues of addiction.

Chronic Pain Rochester, Minnesota

Chronic Pain

Using our training can help find whole body relief.

Depression Rochester, Minnesota


Neurofeedback can help bring the joy back into your mind.

Headaches Rochester, Minnesota


Training can ease the pain suffered from everyday headaches.

ADD/ADHD Rochester, Minnesota


Help your brain naturally bring focus to everyday life.

Sleep Problems Rochester, Minnesota

Sleep Problems

Sleep is essential to a maintaining a balanced mind.

Stress Rochester, Minnesota


Life comes with many stressors, we can help maintain a calm mind.

Adult Mental Health Rochester, Minnesota
Adult Mental Health Services

Benefits of Neurofeedback Training for Adults

Modern life has many stressors that can make it challenging to live up to our full potential and achieve our goals. Leaving us feeling burnt out, anxious, exhausted and stressed. You likely have a long list of things that you wish you were doing to take better care of yourself. Consider neurofeedback as the center of your wellness journey. Using neurofeedback, we can train our brains to find the calm, centered and relaxed states we know are possible by treating adult mental health in Rochester, Minnesota. Feeling relaxed can make life flow more easily and bring you to your own achievable, powerful center. Neurofeedback has been proven to work in both the short and long-term treatment plans. This form of training helps reduce the effort required to take care of your mental health, because your mind can be more focused on bettering yourself in a relaxed, centered and calm state of mind.

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