• Could drinking water cure your mental health symptoms? The short answer is, not quite. The longer answer is that drinking water is essential for managing your mental health

  • Depression is a condition that plagues millions of people throughout the world. Some will only experience fleeting episodes, but for many of us, bouts with depression can b

  • When I was thinking of how to design my new office, I knew that plants had to be a central design feature. Many years ago, ecologist E.O. Wilson described a phenomena calle

  • My life has been a bold adventure through a variety of experiences, which has uniquely suited her for her most significant work – wellness coach and neurofeedback pro

  • When you’re a parent of a special needs or adopted of kids who struggles you’re life is stressful, to put it mildly. And navigating the professionals who you need to deal w

  • I have worked with more therapists than I can even count. I’ve had a few of my own therapists and my kids have had countless. There have been some who I adored and co

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