Neurofeedback Office Opening – Rochester, MN

Neurofeedback Provider Rochester, Minnesota

Neurofeedback Office Opening – Rochester, MN

My life has been a bold adventure through a variety of experiences, which has uniquely suited her for her most significant work – wellness coach and neurofeedback provider. I have traveled widely and was first educated in human cultures and sustainable ecological systems, which I applied to running an organic farm at Iowa State University and a homestead in Dodge County for nearly two decades. During this time, I fostered and adopted a passel of kiddos with varied and complex needs. She applied her holistic education to help her children heal.  

The kids are what drew me to neurofeedback and my passion for helping people achieve their best selves. Always a big nerd and dedicated to those around me, I found that I needed to become an armchair expert in all my children’s diagnoses – ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, addictions, chronic stress, self-harm, Reactive Attachment Disorder, migraines, and on and on…With the stress of caring for high-needs kids, combined with my own trauma history, I also found myself looking for solutions to deal with the extreme stress that being a caregiver can create. Thus, I embarked on a mission to learn as much as I could to help my entire family. After many years of parenting complex kids, along with an endless list of tried (and usually, sadly, failed) therapists, medications, etc. I began to deeply question the conventional mental health framework. A casual mention by a social worker about something called neurofeedback as an option that changed the course of my life. 

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Greenery is so important for mental well-being


When I first looked into neurofeedback, the research was impressive, and I was eager to try it out for me and the kids. But I was quickly disillusioned as I found the waiting list in Rochester was a year long. When finally a spot opened up and my daughter did the treatment, I found the results very encouraging. 

But it nagged at me that the treatment was so inaccessible, not to mention my concerns about how mental health is typically approached. I decided that it was time to open a different kind of mental wellness office, which included top-of-the line in neurofeedback equipment. 

Neuroptimal neurofeedback stood out because of its unique capacity for gentle, empowering, and lasting change. Combining neurofeedback with her extensive holistic, scientific, and therapeutic knowledge of how we can be our best was what I knew my clients needed. After my own sessions of neurofeedback, I believe it changed my life, which made me even more committed to making this training available to others. In addition, my empathic and non-judgmental style allows a flow of conversation that helps clients relax and just be. I am so excited to be a resource for the people of Rochester and SE MN.  

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Relax, cover up with the fuzzy blanket, and do neurofeedback


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